Shalom Partnership of Lancaster, Inc. - Programs

IMG 1430We are committed to helping children in Lancaster City to improve academically through academic camps designed to support and supplement the learning in the classroom.   IMG 1435

The school provides the space for the camp and the school principals, with the help of teachers, decide what the needs are at their school, and programs (curriculum, which teachers with which to contract, etc.) to pursue in the camps.  They also help to recruit through the parents of their students, for the camps. 

We limit programs to 25 students, mostly 3rd and 4th graders.  The partnership contracts with certified teachers from each school for the period of time they teach in the programs. 

Programs have included the following schools:

Fulton Elementary School at Covenant United Methodist Church

Ross Elementary School at Ross

Wickersham Elementary School at Christ United Methodist Church

Washington Elementary School at Washington

Martin Elementary School at Martin

Martin Luther King Elementary School at King

Lafayette Elementary School at Lafayette


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